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We are discussing 5G road-map with top telecom operators: ZTE India CEO In an interaction with ET’s Danish Khan, Peng Aiguang, chief executive officer at ZTE India talks about pre5G trials and 5G agreement with BSNL. Edited excerpts

How do you look at the Indian 4G market? Which are your customers in India?

In the last 2 years, 4G grew very fast in India so now which makes digital India really available to most of the Indians. We are working with Airtel and Idea Cellular on 4G, and BSNL on 3G.

Tell us about the Pre5G or Massive MIMO trials in India.

Yes, we are doing Pre5G trials with Vodafone, Idea Cellular and Reliance Jio in India. With Massive Mimo, telcos can improve the throughput. Most importantly they are going to improve the capacity because traffic in India has increased more than 10 times in the last 12 months. Telcos need to enhance the capacity due to the limitation of bandwidth on the number of sites. Telcos need to have some new technology and products to enhance capacity.

How do you rate the current state of Indian networks?

We believe that networks have improved a lot in India, but there’s a room for further improvement.

How ZTE has improved in last one year?

Globally, ZTE is performing very well and is keeping steady growth. In the last of half a year, there is a revenue increased 13% and profit increased 30%. The focus is on this growth in future. The Indian market is same and it may perform better than other markets. The Indian market, overall, growing faster than many other markets.

How do you look at 5G related developments in India?

5G will come earlier than we had expected here. We are prepared for 5G in India. We are discussing this with various telcos, and are currently sharing our views and knowledge, and roadmap around 5G.

Tell us about the BSNL agreement on 5G.

We have signed an agreement with BSNL around. Under this, we will do knowledge sharing, and help BSNL build the 5G roadmap.

How do you look at competition in India?

Competition among vendors is fine. We will be able to give them a good fight. Because of heavy investment in new technology, we believe our products are getting more competitive in the market.P

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