Most Viewed Live TV App ( JioTV )- Online Streaming of TV Channels & Shows


Jio TV is an app designed to work with phones, laptop or desktop computers, or big screen TV sets. Easy to install, Jio allows users to surf over 400 channels from any location in India. The first six months are free; after that, different plans are available, but the monthly fee will probably be less than 200 rupees per month.

Jio is a fast-growing company. According to, Jio is reaching close to 100 million subscribers. Apparently, that’s because those customers like the service they get. Over six hundred thousand Google Play users rated Jio TV Live Sports Movies Shows 4.4 out of 5 stars. “It is the best service in India,” raved a MouthShut.

Gone are the days when sports fans had to interrupt their schedules in order not to miss a game. Jio Pause & Play lets fans tune in to a live cricket, golf, or other game on their phones, perhaps from a bus or car pool on the way to work. Then they could pause the action while working and resume watching during break time.

Jio TV watchers need never choose between watching a big game or exciting movie and giving due attention to friends or family members. With Jio’s 7 Day Catch Up feature, they can pause the TV action for as long as necessary, then pick up where they left off viewing whenever that becomes appropriate. As a Jio TV viewer you could catch up on the Vivo IPL 2017 cricket matches as late as 28 May, or watch the FIFA World Cup final game as late as 4 November.

Jio TV’s “Kids” section is certain to amuse children when they have to sit still during a long ride or in a waiting room. With 7 Day Catch Up, families can always find wholesome, age-appropriate programming to entertain or educate any child.

“Prime time is any time” with Jio TV. That means that whenever television viewing fits into the customer’s schedule, anyone can now catch up with the most popular broadcasts from Star, Asianet, Sony, Aaj Tak, Nick, Toonami, Suvarna, Raj TV, Animal Planet, Discovery, your favorite news and sports channels, and literally hundreds more. Those who need to work or study or would rather be outdoors when a show was broadcast can “save the broadcast for arainy day” (or some other sort of “downtime”).

Jio now offers TV viewers a “new generation” of television experience. The company has launched a massive investment to improve all the company’s services—almost doubling its mobile towers since last year, boosting download speed to 15Mbps, offering almost unlimited free service to new subscribers. Good service will keep enough customers paying competitive rates to pay for those 10,000 new transmission towers. For investors worldwide as well as for TV fans in India, Jio is a company to watch.


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