India may get 5G technology next year


5G Technology in India:

In this internet field in India 5G technology can come in soon. The 5G technology will release in the next year. These 5G technologies will make the work of the internet access now.

5G Technology in India
5G Technology in India

India may get 5G technology next year:

Smartphone manufacturer Huawei and some smartphone manufacturer based telecommunication sector companies recently give the information about the 5G technology. The 5G technology is possible that coming next year in India.

5G Technology in India

The Huawei said that telecommunication companies in India are interviewing them. Now, in India 4G is uses. This situation, 5G is coming in India considered as very important.

5g in India
5g in India


Based on the Economic Times news Huawei Senior Solution Director Radhe Shyam Sharda has informed 4G Evolution, and 4G is being used. They should be planning to prepare for 5G in the future. The 5g network will be line with the global timeline in next year. It will be a great effort to 5G technology bring to India.

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