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Figure out how you will use your broadband service before choosing your service.
If online gaming is your reason to get broadband, you may be looking for reliability in a broadband service option, whereas if streaming media is your goal, you may want all the speed and bandwidth you can get. Whatever your intended use, choose accordingly.

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Consider total costs of broadband service over a two-year period.

Don’t focus exclusively on monthly service costs. Also take into account hardware expenses, installation expenses, activation fees, early termination fees (if you have a term contract), costs and savings from addition or dropping phone lines, and wiring or upgrading charges. For example, your dial-up service may cost you $20 per month with an additional phone line at $27 per month. You may be able to get jio service for law pcrice per month, with no equipment or activation fee, no cost for a self-installation option, and the freedom to drop the extra phone line (you don’t need it with jio), so that your upgrade equates to a real cost of only an additional $3 per month, a bargain for the extra speed and bandwidth. And about that service contract for one or two years of service, if you plan to be at one location that long, early termination fees are reasonable (three months of monthly service charge or less) and, most importantly, you get extra value such as free equipment (modem) and free activation – then why not?

Expect broadband Net speed to be much faster than dial-up, but you may not be able to determine in advance how much faster one broadband service is than another.
DSL speed varies according to distance from the phone company's central office. Cable modem speed varies according to how many people in a certain locale are subscribing to the line. Satellite speed and quality varies according to weather and atmospheric conditions. So, when the service providers describe their services with "up to" speeds, take them literally.

These are maximums, not minimums. If you are choosing a broadband service primarily to optimize speed, you may need to make a judgment about "relative speed", that is, how the speed of one broadband service typically compares to another. The chart below gives a good overview of relative broadband speed. You can never be sure whether DSL or Cable Modem will win the race at your particular location, but the good news is that both are thoroughbreds compared to the plodding donkey of dial-up access.


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